Shop instructions

Step 1 - Account registration

Please send an email to your Arkema contact for the creation of your account to access to this catalog.

Step 2 - Login to your account

When the registration was succesfull, and your account is activated you can login. Simply go to the login page, fill in your e-mailadress and the password you received and hit the "Go" button. After a succesfull login, you land on the "My Account" page. Here you can change your personal data, add extra addresses to your account or reorder previously orderd products.

Step 3 - Search for products

Now you are logged in you can start ordering. On the products page you can find all the products listed in categories. Find the products you want to order and click on the orange button to place the product in your shoppingcart. You can allways view the shoppingcart by clicking on shoppingcart in the left menu. Click on the product name to view more details of the product. On top of the page you can search for products with the searchform.

Step 4 - Shoppingcart

The shoppingcart shows an overview with all the products currently added to it. To delete one of the products from it, click on the trashcan behind each product. To change the quantity of the products you can fill in the quantity field and hit the "Recalculate" button. All prices will be recalculated. To continue the order proces click the "Next" button.

Step 5 - Account

Now you can change your contactinformation, and choose predefined addresses to finish the order. When all the fields are filled in correctly hit the "Next" button.

Step 6 - Check order

In this last step you get an overview with all the products you want to order. If everything is correct you can hit the "Confirm order" button. After hitting this button the order will be created and you receive a order confirmation be e-mail. If you want to change your order hit the "Back" button and correct your order.

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