World-Renowned Tegoglas® Coatings

Tegoglas® is the most widely recognized name in cold-end coating products around the world; a name that means quality, performance and ease of application

Tegoglas® coatings provide:

  • High performance for extreme transportation and handling requirements
  • Minimization of over-coating
  • Permanent or temporary function
  • Tailor-made slip angle and excellent scratch resistance
All Tegoglas® coating products meet FDA and BGA requirements.


Arkema makes a full line of polyethylene, oleic acid and stearate coatings to improve lubricity and scratch resistance.

The Tegoglas® RP 40 family of products stands up to abusive processes such as sterilization, caustic washing, pasteurization and wet filling.

Tegoglas® 702 gives very good wet and dry scratch protection and accommodates a wide variety of adhesives for labeling.

Tegoglas® T5 provides excellent temporary cold-end protection.

Tegoglas® OL80 is a purified oleic acid suited to providing temporary protection.

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