The Leading Hot-End Coating Operation

The introduction of the patented Certincoat® System revolutionized hot-end coating (H.E.C.).

The Certincoat® System consists of a suite of products engineered to provide simple, reliable and cost-effective operation:

  • Certincoat® TC100 coating material
  • Precision metering pump assembly
  • High efficiency coating hoods
  • Continuous technical support
  • Extensive research and development

High Reliability and Efficiency

With the Certincoat® System, forming lines continuously produce high-quality coated ware with less downtime.

Additional benefits include:
  • Uniform & consistent coating
  • Excellent finish protection
  • Efficient use of Certincoat® TC100
  • Precise control
  • Coating efficiency not affected by humidity or ambient temperature fluctuations
  • Significant reduction in plant corrosion problems
Coating Hoods

Through years of development and glass operation, Arkema offers the most diverse, efficient and reliable portfolio of coating hoods on the market to meet your specifications.


To meet the requirements of your operation, Arkema offers a variety of Certincoat® accessories.
  • System and Temperature Controller
  • Flow alarms: Automatically detects interruptions in TC100 flow
  • Heating & Cooling: Provides automatic temperature control
  • Pump Systems: Choose from our Basic Metering or C-Hood Metering Pump
  • Reusable Containers: Eliminates disposal cost of drums
  • Scrubber: Novel aqueous scrubber system, which does not create additional waste streams.

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